BigRandomKaiju, High Priest, or BRK, is a friend of Cdrzillafanon, a member of the Council of Creators, and Ruler of Wiki. He likes bananas and potatoes. He is the High Priest of Scootism.


-The High Priest's often used quote, a prayer in Scootism.


The HighPriest looks like Ultraman Taro. On Mosufan wiki he looks like a Kamata Kun with rainbows and skittles.


the High Priest is a user of the Fan Made Kaiju wiki and was making kool stuff around the time Cdr arrived there. The two became friends quickly, being the only Ultraman fans on FMK wiki at the time. The High Priest is generally a kool dood who has fought evil and done other stuff. He sometimes says random shit that is usually very lolsy. The High Priest is the most knowledgeable person on the Ultra series Cdr know, seriously ask him anything about Ultraman. He knows some pretty obscure monsters. The High Priest will often rant about dumb shit TsuPro does and is probably the only Ultrafan who hates Gomora. Overall, he's a kool dude.


  • same as Taro
  • Standard Council of Creators member/ruler or wiki powers
  • fighting and eating a banana at the same time


  • The High Priest is apparently the creator of the phrase "kool™".
  • The High Priest is not to be confused with Ultraman Taro.
  • Shma brk