GODZILLA FAN 2005-2017 (in all caps for some reason), often abbreviated as G-Fan for the sake of simplicity. Is a friend of Cdrzillafanon.


G-Fan looks like the Legendary Godzilla, but his spines are always glowing.


G-Fan has apparently been on the internet for a while. He has dealt with his fair share of haters (or at least one in particular), and seen some weird shit, like that wild rice kid Jacob Starous, whom he once got into an epic battle with. G-Fan is a pretty cool guy who met Cdr on's chat room. G-Fan has also provided some contributions to this wiki, such as creating the List of cancer page, and writing his own fanfiction which can no longer be found on this wiki because he requested it be deleted. because it may cause diseases


Presumably the same as G14


  • G-Fan is a Godzilla fan, bet you never would have guessed that.
  • He also likes Evangelion and Watchmen.
  • The first Godzilla movie G-Fan ever saw was Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.