Kamacuras is a giant mantis Kaiju that showed up in some Godzilla movies and was easily killed.


He looks like a fooking mantis.


Kamacuras first showed up in Son of Godzilla where he served as a mild annoyance to Godzilla and Minilla. There were like 4 or 5 of them and they died easily.

Kamacuras later harnessed the power of stock footage to appear in Godzilla's Revenge. He did literally the same thing he did in Son of Godzilla.

Kamacuars then retired but came back for Godzilla Final Wars. This time there was only one but he still got killed easily.


  • Flight
  • Claws
  • there's a fuck ton of them
  • Stock Footage Powers


  • Kamacuras is basically the Gyaos of the Godzilla series.