KoopaGalaxian,often referred to as simply Koopa, is a friend of Cdrzillafanon and a member of the Council of Creators and Rulers of Wiki. He is also known as WeegeeZilla.


Koopa looks like Greenman with the word "Koopa" written on his chest in the Subway font. WeegeeZilla resembles a blue sprite Godzilla with a Gem on his chest.


Koopa had fought various evils as a Ruler of Wiki, and made a lot of awesome sprites as WeegeeZilla. He met Cdr on the Wikizilla Chat Room and they became friends. Koopa later joined the Fan Made Kaiju Wiki and continued making awesome sprites and Kaiju. Koopa likes memes, trains, Kaiju, and sprites. Especially memes and trains. Koopa's internet is also really bad sometimes, causing him to fade in and out of existence.


  • Universe Creation/Kaiju Creation. A basic power of a Council of Creators member.
  • Size Change
  • Appearance Change
  • Basic powers of Godzilla and Greenman
  • Absorption Inheritance. As WeegeeZilla, Koopa can absorb an enemies attack and redirect them. Sometimes his appearance will change to be similar to the enemy he is fighting or the attack he has absorbed, eg; Keratos, Super Super Godzilla, etc.


  • Koopa is very susceptible to cringe
  • Koopa has a semi-irrational fear of being banned. This has never happened to him though, so he's dealing with it quite well.


  • In issue 3 of Rulers of Wiki, he was captured and put into a copy of Super Mario Bros 3, but was rescued.
  • Koopa, despite his name, is not a Koopa Troopa.
  • Koopa is the second most knowledgeable person on the Ultraman franchise Cdr knows after BRK.
  • Koopa is one of few people aware that Greenman even exists.