He is the ultimate scoobs. He is one of my friends and a member of the Council of Creators.


Scoobydooman9001 looks like a hybrid of Scooby Doo and a reptilian creature of some kind.


Due to various circumstances such as encounters with the grammar police and Wikia, Scoobs has taken on many identities. His first two identities are "unknown". The third identity was Scoobydooman90001, the one Cdrzillafanon knows best, and the two became good friends after Cdr joined the Fan Made Kaiju Wiki. Scoobydooman is the creator of many fan Kaiju such as Oh Pi, Godzilla Man, Generriko, and a variety of others. Cdr and Scoobs often talk about their vast amount of Kaiju together, and fight evil in the series Council of Creators.


  • Beam
  • Amazing Speed
  • Good fighting skills
  • The abilities of a normal dog
  • Speech. Scoobydooman can communicate with humans, Kaiju, and Wiki users.
  • Reincarnation. Scoobs can revive himself, but his appearance and name always changes for unknown reasons.


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