The Boy Who Cried Godzilla,also known by a variety of other shorter names that are easier to type, such as The Boy, Dat Boi,Boy,TBWCDG,and Boi, is a friend of Cdrzillafanon and a Ruler of Wiki. He is not to be confused with Anguirus.


Dat Boi looks like a normal Revoltech Anguirus figure, but bigger, and alive.


Dat Boi is a radical dude who has done radical things. He is a Ruler of Wiki and he is super radical at it.

Dat Boi's first encounter with Cdr was on the variety radical Wikizilla chat room. They talked for a bit, but then a very weird thing happened where Boi and Cdr were sent to another dimension where Kaiju were real. They met an odd female version of Deathrock9 who told them some stuff, but Boi and Cdr refused to believe it, until they were eventually returned thanks to everyone else and forgot the whole ordeal.

Boi and Cdr were later held at gunpoint by an evil Deathrock that worked for Toho. They survived since the evil Death was a moron.

Boi still goes on weird adventures with Cdr sometimes but everything is relatively normal now.


  • Standard Ruler of Wiki abilities
  • Anguirus's abilities


  • Dat Boi is the most radical dude on this wiki.

The Boy's Jams

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