Titanollante is a cool dude and the head admin of Wikizilla. The real one. Not that other one.


Titanollante's appearance generally depends on what form he's in. Titanollante's original form looks mostly like Titanosaurus, but with wings. Titano's current form looks like Biollante but chibier. Titano's Korra form looks like Korra, and his "monkey god" form looks like a memeified Godzilla.


Titanollante used to be an admin on Wikizilla before the fork and the Wikizilla Civil War. Titano lost many things to Wikia's onslaught, including his original wikia account, and even the ability to transform into his first form. Titanollante would not be beaten however, and sought to make superior to it's forsaken predecessor in every way. He mostly succeeded, but the battle remains fought to this day. So yeah, Titano's a pretty cool dude, but he's seen shit man. Titanollante is the current head admin of, a title he wears with pride. His first encounter with Cdrzillafanon was in Wikizilla's chat room. They became friends after a little while. . Titano takes his job seriously though still makes jokes from time to time. Usually directed towards Wikizlla's enemy, Wikiazilla. He also makes these awesome Kaiju profile videos which are really cool and you should totally check out #shamelessadvertising. Anyway, Titanollante remains a radical dude to this day fighting the evil forces

of stupid people.


Shared between forms

  • Shapeshifting
  • Standard wiki user powers
  • Wiki creation (This ability requires assistance)
  • Forking (This ability requires assistance)
  • Intelligence
  • Anti-moron shield
  • Perma-ban beam
  • Normal ban beam
  • Kick beam

Original form

  • Flight
  • Titanosaurus's abilities

Current form

  • Biollante's abilities.

Korra form

  • Bending

Monkey God form

  • Godlyness


  • Titanollante also goes by the aliases Mecha-Titanollante and GodzillaWiki.
  • Titanollante runs the Wikizilla Youtube channel.
  • Titanollante is the creator of the Titanobot.



Titanollante's original form


TItanollante in Monkeygod form


Titanollante in Korra form

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.26.53 PM

TItanollante by CreaturesOfZenith (not to be confused with Biosaurus)