Varan is a very underrated monster from the Godzilla movies.


varan looks like varan.


Varan first appeared in his movie, where he actually did stuff! But unfortunately I haven't seen that movie so I can't tell you what that stuff was.

Varan later showed up in Destroy All Monsters for about 10 seconds before disappearing entirely.

Varan was gonna be in GMK but King Ghidorah and Mothra brought in more money so he and Anguirus were replaced with them, but as tribute, King Ghidorah was given Varan's facial fins.

Varan was in Godzilla Rulers of Earth, which I think was his first comic appearance. once again, he actually did stuff! He got into a cool fight with Rodan and later got to help fight the Trilopods and it was awesome!


  • Gliding
  • Burrowing


  • Poor Varan. Maybe he'll be in a movie again someday.